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Who are our Clients?

On the ‘grid’ side, nearly any commercial/industrial user or generator of power can benefit from our AI optimization algorithms – particularly as power usage increases, loads become more complex, or multiple power generation types are combined. Our algorithms shine in situations where renewable energy ‘penetration’ is deep when measured against conventional thermal sources – and becomes particularly useful when energy storage is included. 

We easily manage and optimize the operation of Renewable Energy microgrids that may be connected/disconnected from the grid without notice (or used as a backup during extreme weather events, such as for hospitals or other buildings where power continuity is essential) and manage dispersed battery assets, including grid and home batteries, fleets of EVs (which may sometimes be connected for charging). We are able to gracefully manage microgrid ‘black starts’, using connected batteries to dynamically moderate frequency and voltage.

As well, power brokers and independent power producers who participate in energy trading markets will find great value in our predictive algorithms, which build extraordinarily accurate minute-by-minute models of power usage and failure trends based upon historical data, weather inputs, equipment condition, and other factors.


On the Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) side, we believe that eventually every class of EV – ranging from EV golf carts and go-karts to EV scooters to EV autos to delivery trucks to semi-trucks to mining vehicles – whether any of these are manned or unmanned – will be a candidate for our technology, as well as some classes of EV airplanes and ships. Charging networks, home users, fleet users, municipalities, state and federal road authorities – all become prospective users of our dynamic and static charging technology. Because our charging technology is bidirectional, these vehicles also become available to the grid as dispersed batteries in ever larger networks of sizable batteries.


Of course, if you are a power industry EPC firm, OEM equipment manufacturer, investor operator, governmental authority, university (with ideas on adding to or refining our approach), etc., and want to explore how our technology can fit or improve your existing or planned operation, we’d like to chat with you too! Please contact our Chief Commercial Officer to discuss the best way to work together.

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